I used steroids…

I started this blog to keep myself motivated and have fun with my new mountain bike that will likely never touch a mountain or dirt. As I mentioned in my first post, I am a bit heavy and wanted a tough frame rather that ‘Carboning Up’ and then hearing or feeling the frame crack.

I was derailed by severe back pain, scheduled a steroid injection into my herniated disc. I’ve ridden twice since my last post with less pain in the disc area but have had no luck with the pressure on the nerves coming out the sides of my spinal canal.

The anti inflammation steroid was injected into me. I have a very high pain tolerance but that HURT. I could feel it go into an already painful area and then felt the viscous material flow into my disc and burn as it flowed further down into my buttocks. It is a wierd sensation to feel things INternally. Usually pain is muscular so you can touch it but with Degenerative Disc Disease, you can’t touch it. It’s underneath the muscle tissue.

Needless to say, it has made me feel irritable, hungry and sleepless. I will try another shot in a month or so and see if it is worth the side effects. My lower back is like a car that’s been technically totaled by insurance. No matter how sophisticated the autobody mechanic is, it’s never going to be the same as when it came off the factory line.


So, it begins….again.

I decided to resume my miniature writing career. I have several projects underway and some great opportunities to hit target audiences with books and articles. Besides military historical research and writing, cycling has been a big part of my life.

For almost 15 years, I dedicated myself to Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai in particular. I even went to Thailand to train for a couple of months. As a fighter, it becomes a lifestyle that requires discipline. Your weight, your conditioning and your skills. Fighting in front of a crowd that wants to see your untimely demise and across from an individual who intends to fulfill their wish is exhilarating! After a serious back injury, I couldn’t leave the sport and became a coach.

Coaching was a great experience allowing to take my fighters all over the globe including 7 trips to the UK but it too came to an end. Due to my back injury, I could barely walk for a year, lost my job and a huge part of who I was.

To get fit again and lose weight, I started road biking. I enjoyed the suffering. I set a goal to ride a Century. 100 miles. I entered an event to ride 104 miles. I entered an area in those last 20 miles I will never forget. It was akin to an out of body experience. It was a place that you can’t describe until you’ve pushed your body past the point of exhaustion and the only thing that keeps you cranking is your MIND.

Goals drive me. They give my life a spark and direction. After that, I took too much time off and moved on, still riding but not with determination and focus. I gained so much weight in the last 10 years that seeing myself back to 170 seems impossible. So I have decided to turn it into a goal and the bike is the vehicle to get it done as well as nutrition.

I plan on entering my journey at least once a week and my thoughts and training. But for today and in a couple of hours, I will be the Fat Guy riding a Mountain Bike on the Road.